MOS GENERATOR Releases ‘The Plundering of the Vaults Series One: The Vinyl Singles’ Rarities Compilation

Today brings news of a new MOS GENERATOR release, ‘The Plundering of the Vaults – Series One: The Vinyl Singles‘, a sixteen song compilation straight from the Pacific Northwest heavy rock gurus themselves.

With their last lengthy tour completed in late 2018 (along with a short run of dates with Clutch in Fall 2019), MOS GENERATOR has spent the past 18 months completing many projects that were on the back burner due to their almost nonstop touring in recent years. The band has released a nearly overwhelming amount of music in those 18 months and they’re nowhere near done yet.

The Plundering of the Vaults – Series One: The Vinyl Singles‘ is a digital release strictly for the fans. A completely remastered set of rare tracks compiled from the band’s lengthy list of limited vinyl singles that sold out long ago, to give all those who missed a chance at the vinyl a way to now own and hear these remarkable songs.

The album is available on digital download/stream in time for this month’s “Bandcamp Friday” – where Bandcamp generously forfeits their fees on all music sales in support of music artists, so all monies from purchases on the site go entirely to the bands.

Series One: The Vinyl Singles‘ Tracklist:

01. Gus’s Boogie
02. Rebecca3
03. Step Up (demo)
04. Godhand Iommi
05. Lonely One Kenobi (single edit)
06. We’re Gonna Groove (Live at Roadburn)
07. I Hate Myself and I Want to Die (Nirvana)
08. Downer Rock ’89
09. Wicked Willow (version 1: demo)
10. Electric Mountain Majesty (acoustic)
11. VOL. 4 (Golden Pig Electric Blues Band)
12. Wroomb
13. Tracks (Tall Bodies) (Chelsea Wolfe)
14. Anthem (Rush)
15. Gamma / Hydra (demo)
16. The Dance of Red – a) The Dance of Maya b) Red (Mahavinshnu Orchestra / King Crimson)

Details on this first series and future plunderings come from guitarist and vocalist Tony Reed:

This is the first installment in a series of downloads that features rare, out of print, or unreleased Mos Generator music from the last 20 years. ‘Series One: The Vinyl Singles’ is a collection of all of the MG 7″ singles from 2007 – 2017, including the ultra rare Record Store Day 7″ and the equally rare Lathe cut single.

The next volumes in the series will more than likely be the 12” EPs and split releases, including the Electric/Nomads demos LP. Then studio tracks that have been added on to some of our re-issues as bonus tracks. After that, maybe more demos (there are tons!) and some live shows from 2001-2019. This is a lot of work, but I think it’s great to have all of this material neatly cataloged and all in the same place.

We almost always put strange and unusual songs on our singles so this is a very interesting ride. Each track also has detailed liner notes about the release that it came from. Nerd stuff.

The Plundering of the Vaults – Series One: The Vinyl Singles‘ is out now – Friday, August 7th. Celebrate Bandcamp Friday with Mos Generator at:

A sample of the past Mos Generator 7″ vinyl record releases…

Mos Generator formed during the winter of 2000, in Port Orchard, Washington from the ashes of a ten-year off and on collaboration between its original three members, all of whom were long-time veterans of road and studio. The need to strip down to the basics of hard rock was apparent from the start and continues to be the foundation for all the band’s recent material.

The discography of Mos Generator includes multiple studio albums, retrospective albums, live albums, and a plethora of split 7″ and 12” singles on such labels as Listenable, Roadburn, Small Stone, Ripple, Nasoni, Lay Bare, Hevi Sike, H42, Devil‘s Child, and Heavy Psych Sounds. Touring has been just as important to the profile of the band as making records has. Over the years, Mos Generator has shared the stage with many great heavy rock bands, including extensive tours with Saint Vitus, Fu Manchu, Elder, Spirit Caravan, and Atomic Bitchwax, introducing a whole new fan base to the Mos Generator sound. Let’s Rock ‘N Roll!!


Jono Garrett – Drums
Tony Reed – Guitar, Vocals, Other Instruments
Sean Booth – Bass


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