GLORY OR DEATH RECORDS Compilation Series ‘Bow To Your Masters Vol. Two: DEEP PURPLE’

Glory Or Death Records BTYM Vol 2 Deep Purple

The California underground heavy rock and metal specialists at Glory or Death Records present the second installment of its ‘Bow To Your Masters‘ compilation series paying tribute to some of the best in classic heavy rock. Early 2018 produced the first-round with Volume One: Thin Lizzy. In 2020, the label began to gather some of Planet Earth’s finest underground rock ‘n rollers to come together for a massive tribute to the legendary heavy rock pioneer act Deep Purple.

Kelley Juett (Mothership) recently announced his new project Topsy Kretts is covering “Black Night”:

“Buddy had a band drop off the Deep Purple comp and the first song that came to mind was Black Night when he asked if I wanted to throw down on a track. That song had been a song me, my brother Kyle and dad, Big J, used to work up to jam on when we would play 4 hour long blues/rock cover sets. I always dug the chug vibe on the verse riff.

Me and Dave were talking about doing it and recruited Mucho to rip the drums, David Kent on bass, then the Crobot boys – Brandon Yeagley to rip some vocals, and Chris Bishop to slap some stank on the guitar. I tried my best to pay homage to the man, Richie Blackmore with my guitar work… even busted out the ol’ strat, so expect tons of tremolo action and some cool stereo panning during the marathon solo! I recruited Jeff Owens to help me track my guitar and do the mixing on the song. Another Glory or Death release… another ripper of a comp!”

From legendary heavy bands such as YOB and Mos Generator to newer projects like Asphodel Wine and Big Scenic Nowhere, come wrap your mind around this list of fifteen bands and recording details that Glory or Death Records has involved in the upcoming ‘Volume Two: Deep Purple’ tribute…

‘Volume Two: Deep Purple’ Tracklist Features:

“Perfect Strangers” – YOB
“Demon’s Eye” – Big Scenic Nowhere
“Love Child” – Mos Generator
“Speed King” – Gygax
“Maybe I’m A Leo” – Redwitch Johnny (Ft. Matthew Putman)
“Black Night” – Topsy Kretts
“Into The Fire” – Saturn
“Pictures Of Home” – Worshipper
“Burn” – High Reeper (Ft. Jillian Taylor of Ruby The Hatchet)
“Highway Star” – Great Electric Quest (Ft. Francis Roberts)
“Smoke” – Steak (Ft. Chantal Brown)
“Child In Time” – Asphodel Wine
“Gettin’ Tighter” – Temple Of Love (Ft. Anton Pukshansky)
“Fireball” – Red Wizard
“Space Truckin'” – KOOK

Bow To Your Masters Vol. 2: Deep Purple‘ digital release is available on Friday, May 7th, with the vinyl pressing expected to ship in November 2021. Preorders are open now:

Glory Or Death Records BTYM Vol 2 Deep Purple

YOB: Mike Scheidt (guitar, vocals), Aaron Rieseberg (bass), and Travis Foster (drums). “Perfect Strangers” was recorded by Travis Foster at Acousmatic Sound, with mixing by Fester at The Plague Station.

Mos Generator: Tony Reed (guitar, vocals), Jono Garrett (drums), and Sean Booth (bass). “Love Child” was recorded and mixed by Tony Reed at his HeavyHead Recording Co.

Big Scenic Nowhere: [Members of Fu Manchu, Mos Generator, Yawning Man, and Yawning Sons.] Bob Balch (guitar), Tony Reed (bass, vocals, synthesizer, organ), Bill Stinson (drums), and Gary Arce (guitar). “Demon’s Eye” was recorded by Tony Reed (HeavyHead Recording Co.), Dan Joeright (Gatos Trail), and Bob Balch (Bob’s Place); with mixing by Reed at HeavyHead.

Gygax: Bryant Throckmorton (guitar), Eric Harris (bass, vocals), Wes Wilson (guitar), and Daniel “Mucho Drums” Velasco (drums – Great Electric Quest). “Speed King” was mixed by Armand John Anthony.

Redwitch Johnny: Michael Kimble (organ, vocals), Kevin Kimble (guitar, bass, vocals), David Hale (drums), and Matthew Putman (percussion, backing vocals). “Maybe I’m A Leo” was engineered and produced by Matthew Putman at Electric Nebraska in Fort Smith, AR. Mixed by Matthew Putman and Redwitch Johnny.

Topsy Kretts: [Members of Mothership, Crobot, Great Electric Quest, Gygax.] Kelley Juett (guitar), Brandon Yeagley (vocals), Chris Bishop (guitar), Daniel “Mucho Drums” Velasco (drums), and David Kent (bass). “Black Night” was mixed by Jeff Owens (Goya, f. Spirit Adrift).

Saturn: Oscar Pehrson (vocals, bass), Ted Carlsen (drums), Linkan Lindgren (guitar), and Robin Tidebrink (guitar). “Into The Fire” was arranged and produced by Saturn, with recording and mix by Carl Isaksson Öberg.

Worshipper: Jarvis (drums), Bob (bass), Al (guitar left), and JB (guitar right, vocals). “Pictures Of Home” was recorded and mixed by Chris Johnson at New Alliance Audio in Somerville, MA.

High Reeper: Zach Thomas (vocals), Justin Dipinto (drums), Pat Daly (guitar), and Shane Trimble (guitar, bass). “Burn” features Jillian Taylor (Ruby The Hatchet) on vocals, and was produced, engineered, and mixed by Shane Trimble.

Great Electric Quest: Buddy Donner (guitars), Tyler Dingvell (vocals), Jared Bliss (bass), and Daniel “Mucho Drums” (drums). “Highway Star” features Francis Roberts. Recorded at Delwood Sound, with recording by Steven Hanford (RIP) and Francis Roberts. Mixing by Ian Watts.

Steak: Kip (vocals, Reece (guitar), Cam (bass), and Dean (drums). “Smoke” features backing vocals by Chantal Brown, with recording and mixing by JB Pilon.

Asphodel Wine: [Members of SubRosa, Insect Ark, and Minsk.] Sarah Pendleton (violin, lead vocals), Zachary Livingston (guitar, bass, vocals), Christopher Bennett (organ), and Andy Patterson (drums). “Child In Time” was mixed by Andy Patterson. Violin and lead vocals recorded by Andy Patterson. Guitar, bass, and backing vocals recorded by CJ Johnson. Organ recorded by Sanford Parker.

Temple of Love: [Members of Mothership, Destroyer Of Light, Witchcryer, Bexar County Bastards.] Steve Colca (guitar), Suzy Bravo (vocals), Shea McCoy (guitar), Kyle Juett (bass), Patrick Pascucci (drums), and featuring Anton Pukshansky (keyboards). “Gettin’ Tighter” was engineered and mixed by Anton Pukshansky at Mr. Pink Records in Bastrop, TX.

Red Wizard: Travis Baucum (vocals, harmonica, tambo), Miles Ricketson (lead guitar), Casey Lamontagne (rhythm guitar), David Wilburn (bass), and Shane Kepler (drums). “Fireball” was recorded by James Page and Dan Frick, with mixing by James Page.

KOOK: Karl Larson (guitar), Troy Aschenbrenner (vocals), Eric Wilkins (drums), and Jeff Wilson (bass). “Space Truckin’” was engineering and produced by Chris Hughes.

Glory Or Death Records YOB merch

A special treat for those lucky enough to order early… In addition to their beautiful rendition of the “Perfect Strangers” track for the compilation, Glory Or Death Records also has a limited edition YOB t-shirt and Fabric Flag (2.5’x2.5’) that are set to be available for purchase at release time.

Purchases of either the YOB t-shirt or flag will come with a full digital download of the ‘Bow To Your Masters Vol. Two: Deep Purple‘ tribute album.

Order ‘Vol. 2: Deep Purple‘ at:

KOOK – “Space Truckin'” – Take a psychedelic trip with KOOK as they take Deep Purple’s classic ” Space Truckin’ ” for a spin through the stars! Art & animation by Nick Fox of Mind Reaper Comix. Engineering & mixing by Chris Hughes at Stereo Lunch.
Additional videos:
Topsy Kretts – “Black Night” (Drum Playthrough) –
Saturn – “Into the Fire” –

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