ESTHER ANN GOVE Debut Album ‘Oh Creation’ Released April 2nd!

Esther Ann Gove

Singer-songwriter Esther Ann Gove engraves rustic songs across the steel-string guitar using nothing more than the resonance of warm vocal tones. Long lost country folk united with the brooding influence of doom creates a mournful, earthy sound. Revealing her hauntingly emotional stories of love, death, and hope from a faraway world… strange yet familiar.

Oh Creation‘ is her debut album. The listener journeys through wildly dark and evocative landscapes of the post-folk soul. A product of the Pacific Northwest music family, Esther Ann Gove’s inspiration as a songwriter grew from the legendary understated intensity of Gillian Welch, Jason Molina, and Townes Van Zandt. She has spent ample time honing her inspiration into creative reality by gigging around the San Francisco Bay Area open mic circuit. She recently brought her mahogany tones to the recorded stage of Mountaineer‘s ‘Bloodletting‘ LP as a guest vocalist on the title track. Now it’s time to share her own tales from the studio.

With her songs for ‘Oh Creation‘ written and arranged from 2018 to 2019, the album tracks were recorded in late winter 2019 by Patrick Hills at Earthtone Studios. The mixing by Noah Foley-Beining and mastering by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege took place in the Spring and Summer of 2020.

Oh Creation‘ is out April 2nd, order via Bandcamp:

Esther Ann Gove Oh Creation

Oh Creation’ Tracklist:

01. Oh Creation
02. Ghosts
03. Buried
04. The Gilded Table
05. Fate
06. Dead God
07. Home

With artwork by Miguel Mesa (Mountaineer), the seven songs of Esther Ann Gove‘s ‘Oh Creation’ intertwine to etch an acoustical path back to forgotten lands of the dark country that waits to recapture our forlorn bones. Guests on the album include Isaac Rigler (DAXMAMountaineer) on Electric Guitar, Clayton Bartholomew (Mountaineer)  on Acoustic Guitar, and Jessica T. (DAXMA) on Violin.

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Esther Ann Gove – “Home” (Official Video):

Esther Ann Gove

Through captivating songcraft and a penchant for dramatic turns and sparse instrumentation, we just might have found a potential new genre leader.” – Ghost Cult Magazine

…amazingly beautiful dark country/ folk/ americana.” – Droning Earth

Take a steel-string guitar, a warm, penetrating voice, a dark Americana atmosphere and you get the very first single from one Esther Ann Gove. I hope to tell you more about this lady…” – Brothers In Raw