TONY REED (Mos Generator) Releases CONSTANCE TOMB S/T Goth Rock Album, Re-Recorded From 1988!

Tony Reed is a member of several bands, including Mos Generator, Big Scenic Nowhere, Hot Spring Water, Twelve Thirty Dreamtime, Treepeople, and Stone Axe, as well as part of many other groups and projects over the last 35 years. He is a multi-instrumentalist and also a studio engineer who primarily works from his HeavyHead Recording Company studio in Port Orchard, Washington.

Constance Tomb is the name given to both the band and album; from a time in Tony’s earlier endeavors as a young songwriter and written during his involvement in other music acts. This is a tale better told by Tony Reed himself:

“I wrote and recorded somewhere around thirty songs in 1988 (my 19th year). A large percentage of them were heavily influenced by the gothic movement of the early 80s. Bands like Bauhaus, Christian Death, Tones On Tail, Mighty Sphincter, Death Cult & Samhain were obvious inspirations during this time in my life.

In 1988, I was making music with a band called Twelve Thirty Dreamtime and, in that year alone, I worked with three different rhythm sections. All of the songs I wrote that year were captured on tape, but the recordings were done on the most primitive equipment in the bedrooms and basements of people that would let us make noise in their space.

At that point, I was doing 2 track tape to tape overdubbing and after a few passes the tape hiss would be almost unbearable. When I listen back to the old recordings, sometimes I think those limitations are cool and add to the eerie quality of the music, but over the last 32 years I’ve also wanted to hear what the songs would have sounded like done in a proper recording studio.

I did my best to NOT overplay or add too many additional ideas beyond the original versions. When I would start to add extra layers to some of the tracks, I almost always scrapped the idea soon after. This is a collection is what I consider to be the ten best songs of that era, recorded the way I heard it in my head all those years ago.”

Constance Tomb‘ Tracklist:

01. Spiritual Stairway
02. Amokt
03. The Doomsday Subliminalist
04. Crawl
05. Neurosleep
06. The Last Picture Show
07. Orthodox Seduction
08. Big Brother Doom
09. Poison Performances
10. Blood Red Eternity

All songs written by Tony Reed in 1988. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at HeavyHead Recording Company in April 2020, Tony performed all sonic manipulations, instruments, and vocals on Constance Tomb. The album is available on Bandcamp at:

Tony Reed in 1988.